Welcome to BLOGGER MATCHUP, a concept of Digital Innovation Asia (DIA).

What is Blogger Engagement?

Blogger Engagement, or Blogger Outreach, is the management of a brand’s reputation across blogs. It is the practice of building and maintaining relationships with bloggers who have a particular field of interest, in order for them to write about, discuss and share brand messages with their readership.

Blogger Matchup is an innovative marketing model, which effectively harnesses the value that travel bloggers can deliver through their blog content and social networks. The model is a collaboration between travel bloggers and their sponsors to promote the travel and tourism brands as well as destination.

Blogger Matchup has relationships and access to some of the most influential travel and lifestyle bloggers who specialize in a variety of niches, and come from all over the world featuring some of the biggest and fastest growing tourism source markets.

Blogger Matchup aims to be a facilitator between organizations and companies connected to the Visitor Economy looking for support with blogger outreach, and bloggers looking to getting connected to travel and tourism brands in Asia Pacific.

Blogger Matchup is a place where companies can easily find and communicate with most influential travel and lifestyle citizen journalists and digital influencers, from bloggers, photographers (instagramm, pinterest, Flickr, etc.), microbloggers (Twitter, Weibo, etc.), vloggers (video bloggers), hotel reviewers, podcasters, and influencers on social networks (Facebook, Google+, Weixin, Renren, etc.).

We aim to become the “LinkedIn for travel bloggers” – which is a great description of what we do: the connector for blogs and bloggers with travel and tourism brands. The bloggers who work with us not only include the most influential in the industry, but also the most recognized ones in specific niches (Spa/Wellness, Adventure, Golf, Food, Design, Fashion, Luxury, Backpacking, Gay/Lesbian, etc.) and source markets (North America including USA and Canada, Europe including Germany and France, Latin America, and Asia including China).

Benefits for Bloggers

• Gain opportunity to work with brands in Asia Pacific

• Be sponsored to go to DIA conferences and events

• Network with like-minded bloggers

• Continue your education on business and blogging

Benefits for Brands

• Gain opportunity to work with PR friendly bloggers who fit your brand

• Customized campaigns and programs to promote brand awareness

• Build a following of loyal consumers and fans for your brand

• Research and product testing via surveys and focus groups

For More information about Blogger MatchUp, please visit BMU